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We desire to look younger than our age and retain youthful beauty. Currently, there is a premium deer placenta in abundance, and it is responsible for making you reverse your age. The scientific research shows that Mediterranean residents are the only people across the world, who enjoy longer and healthier lives. This is significantly contributed by the secretive consumption of traditional foods. Therefore, they can live up to 120 years and still look fit and strong.


Living longer life has much benefit because you can have a good time with your loved ones as well as the younger generation in your lineage, which is absolutely everyone’s wish. In 2014, Japan had about 58,820 citizens of over 100 years old. In the same year, the US Census Bureau reported over 55000 people with more than a hundred years.

In the current statistics, very few people die of old age, and the trend is that young people below sixty years are dying of diseases such as heart attack, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and Covid-19, among others. It is,, therefore, a routine that if you want to have more years even, say over 120 years, then you must learn to avert sicknesses the traditional way. For instance, many older people fear to face the mirror because it gives them the actual reality of their age. They keep on wondering how they can reverse the clock and turn youthful magically. Though it is not possible for them, the good news is that the researchers are in progress of inventing ways of remaining with a youthful appearance.


Exercising moderately at an early age is a defense mechanism from sicknesses together with eating a balanced diet in every meal. This gives an appropriate foundation for a young aged-look and having a long life.


Deer placenta has a great secret of maintaining beauty and a fresh look, particularly when used as a preventive therapy. It has been associated with popular, famous, and wealthy people even today.

Premium Deer Placenta has a background of New Zealand, which is a country that ranks as the best all over the world in terms of being a pollution-free zone. Here, there is a simple narrative for you:


It is said that the emperor takes deer’s blood as the empress eats the placenta. From this saying, it’s possible to draw a long history of the deer’s body parts as a source of medicine with lots of nutrients. In the last imperial dynasty of China, the royal physicians used to mix the blood from the wild beer with some specific herbs to form the deer medication.


The background of stem cell therapy dates back in 100 B.C, in a period when a man could eat the animal placenta and live bone marrow to make himself stronger. Many people who used live-cell restoration therapy maintained their beauty, and even today, it is used by political leaders, celebrities and, entrepreneurs to keep their bodies fit.

Another pretty narrative is in ompendium of Material Medica’ whereby, during the reign of Emperor Tang Xuan Zong, he led a group of hunters, and in their hunting task, he came across a doe eating a placenta of a deer that had given birth. He was speechless and invited all the imperial physicians to interpret that. They gave a reliable account of the incident. This situation inspired the physicians, and they formulated a procedure of maintaining and promoting beauty for the emperor. Emperor Tang Xuan Zong was committed to his research for many years to the extent of reviewing ancient books.


Consequently, the Emperor tested his new formula on the maids that had very poor complexion. And, after some time, he observed their skin and, amazingly, it had changed into radiant and rosy. They also had a graceful posture and were light.

The emperor and his highness used the therapy, and a few months later, their complexion changed positively. He became thrilled, and he gave the title of The Physician of Rejuvenation’ to the royal physician and decreed it to be recorded historically for the coming generations.


These narratives confirm that the Premium Deer Placenta in the Live Stem Cell restoration is the best in health and beauty therapy. It has also become a healthy recipe for many currently.


Biologically, the placenta is rich in growth factors and nutrients, and its unique components allow the fetus to be given all the necessary nutrients essential for their growth. China has substantially relied on the placenta to prevent old age and to restore youthful appearance for the aged. It has ingredients that restore body shape and complexion. A deer is bio-compatible to humans; hence it’s the highest preferred for the service since it is safe and similarly edible.

With the advancing technology, it is now easier and safer to extract live deer cells from the placenta. The new generation of deer capsule has more than ten components and by use of a dry- freezer it is possible to preserve them for almost half a decade.


Scientists, together with biomedical researchers, confirm that the deer placenta has no records of allergy, and it is right in bio-compatibility in humans. Its capsule has an extraordinary formulation. Again, it is specifically intestinal coated and filled with nitrogen, and in our case, we only use the placenta of fresh deer from New Zealand. We also preserve it by use of the latest freezer- dryer to allow it to go for a maximum period. During this preservation period, the deer placenta live cells enhance the rejuvenating process of aging and maintain the organs intact and full of vitality. They, therefore, improve the entire health of the body.

Deer placenta is the main component in our Stem Cell Therapy, and we prefer it because it is similar to a human being placenta. It does not have any allergic reaction hence safe for human consumption. When compared to sheep placenta, the deer placenta is more compatible and effective in its restoring purposes. Also, deer is hardier than sheep and not prone to illnesses.


Every capsule of our Premium Deer Placenta records an improvement from the previously made.




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