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Live Cell Therapy is a way of reversing the ageing process by revitalizing and restoring youthfulness. It is considered a medical technique and has been proven effective and safe for this process. It is a way of allowing old cells to revitalize and become “younger” again. Live Cell Therapy is the only procedure which has been proven effective for restoring youthfulness in this way.


Our organic formulation of fresh Deer Placenta from thoroughbred deer can boost cellular regeneration. Our premium formula is achieved through Freeze-Drying Technology which is an excellent preservation and storage method. Through this, the “live” and active ingredients of our organic Deer Placenta formula are maintained for at least 3 years. Deer Placenta contains 12 essential natural elements which are the core active ingredients in our formula, in addition to this, deer placenta is bio-compatible with the human body.

Our organic Pure Deer Placenta Formula is considered the “Rolls Royce of nutritional supplements” and has been described as the “Elixir of Youth”. To maintain its purity to the highest possible standard, our Deer Placenta is sourced in New Zealand, as one of the world’s least polluted regions. The efficacy of Deer Placenta Formula has been shown through scientific research. In particular, it has a role in strengthening the body’s immune system. As the immune system is crucial for maintaining the body’s heath, this, in turn, improves the longevity and quality of cells, tissues and organs throughout the body. This will keep your body in the best possible health.


Consumption of human placenta is commonplace in many cultures. As the placenta is a temporary organ which is generated anew in each pregnancy, it is used as a traditional form of cellular therapy. The placenta provides the connection between the mother’s body and the growing baby and provides nutrients and oxygen to the growing fetus through the umbilical cord. It also produces vital growth hormones. For centuries, mothers across the globe in different cultures have consumed their placenta as part of recovery from labour. The placenta contains rich growth factors, antibodies, vitamins and minerals, among many other nutrients. Therefore it can assist with cell rejuvenation.

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In Chinese culture, the placenta is consumed as part of traditional Chinese medicine and used for mothers to recover their full strength after an exhausting and strenuous labour process. In other countries, like Italy, the placenta is valued for its nutritional boost which can help with lactation and wound healing.


Similarly, the placenta of deer and sheep have been used for treatments in other countries in the East. This has been helpful for injured athletes, celebrities, politicians and many others who were able to recover from their illness or injury much faster than predicted by their doctors. This shows that the placenta has rightfully earned its reputation for healing and rejuvenation abilities.




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