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Transcending the Passage of Time


PURTIER Placenta are a renowned and globally recognized brand. This is not the same old story of “miracle supplements” and it is not sold through a network marketing business model.

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Understanding the Immune System

The human body must constantly fight its enemies. It does this through the immune system which can target the body’s key enemies including defective body cells and foreign invaders. The latter include bacteria and viruses which can enter the body through a number of ways.

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Stem Cells – Their Function and Uses

Stem cells are our body’s basin, it refills the specialized cells that are destroyed or overused. We have stem cells active inside us as we breathe, they are found in the bone marrow and create millions of blood cells on a daily basis.

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Oral Placenta and Injection

Placenta injection has been incorporated in many hospitals across the world, but this act should be proven safe and sound before it is equipped in the human body. However, most hospitals are injecting placenta that is not allowed by medical practitioners.

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Regenerative Medicine in Singapore

Nowadays, regenerative medicines have been emulated by many people as preventive measures as well as curative medicines of different illnesses. Medical practitioners have been using Stem Cell Therapy with a strong belief that it can stand in place of organ transplants.

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