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Cell therapy is the process of live cell transmission into an individual in order to render a disease useless or completely eradicate it. The cells do not need to originate from the individual; a different entity can donate them and the procedure will still work. The cells employed in this technique are categorized by their ability to change into varying cell forms. Differentiated cells are of one kind. The kind of cells used is determined by the specific treatment. Slowing down an individual’s natural aging can easily be done through cell therapy. In addition to this method being safe, it has a high efficacy. PURTIER Placenta makes this happen; its composition is of Deer Placenta packed with living cells and nutrition. The deer placenta is carefully bred to amplify cell regeneration. For this reason, PURTIER is dubbed the “Elixir of Youth”. New Zealand produces PURTIER enmasse and this corresponds to its untouched natural setting. Specific components in Deer Placenta have been scientifically proven to aid the human immune system. Its healing power has been repetitively documented throughout history.

In turn, the individual lives better and longer as the enhanced organs now perform their duties far better. Deer Placenta (compared with other ones) works in harmony with our bodies without side effects. In its fresh form, it contains many crucial elements numbering at least 12. When the deer gets pregnant like its fellow mammals, a placenta forms as a momentary organ. It attaches itself to the uterus wall throughout the entire pregnancy. Oxygen and vital nutrition is constantly provided via the placenta and this grows the fetus.

Being a general method of cellular therapy, any placenta has nutrients that aid cell growth and repair. This is due to antibodies and vitamins found within the placenta. Over the past millennial China culturally offers placenta to mother’s that have undergone labour. It helps them regain the strength lost when giving birth. In South Asia and Italy, placenta is prescribed to assist lactation and treat physical injuries like gashes. Sheep placenta seems to be just as powerful as its deer counterpart is and both have become widespread in the East. Big names in the political and sport sphere opted for deer placenta therapy and reported a speedy recovery surprising even their doctors. This is further evidence that the placenta is an effective mode of therapy when it comes to health.




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