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As pointed out earlier in the article, deer and sheep placenta are liked by many because they are bio-compatible with humans and have no allergic reactions. The fetal stem does not have any immunogenicity as well.


Deer is used extensively in China for medicinal purposes. It is believed that deer has much nutrition from the horns to the tail, inside and out. For the horns, they are sliced into thin pieces and boiled with ginseng roots and some other specific herbs. The slices of a short horn of a deer are expensive considered better for a month’s treatment.


In the christian literature, say, the Bible, (in the book of Habakkuk chapter 3 and verse 19, also Psalm chapter 18 verse 33), the deer is mentioned as the strongest animal, and Habakkuk says that the lord makes his feet strong like those of a deer and he can stand on a mountain. The deer is highly treasured not only for medical reasons but also for its bio-compatibility.


Live Cell Therapy is the only medical procedure that has been proven to be safe and functional to humans in reversing the old age clock. We use organic formula whereby we select fresh deer placenta components, and we fill it with essential nutrients and active living cells. We make a placenta that can boost your cellular regeneration.

Rolls Royce of nutritional supplements’ is the Pure Deer Placenta that we always produce as the medicine for youth. New Zealand is the leading producer and supplier of deer placenta in the world. Studies have confirmed that the ingredients in the fresh Deer Placenta have the power to strengthen the peoples’ immunity. Consequently, this gives more hope for a longer and quality life because there is the assurance of empowering cells, organs, and tissues, thereby maintaining body health and fitness. Our Deer Placenta has twelve crucial natural elements that are responsible for the anti-aging factor to humans.


A placenta is an organ that temporarily attaches itself to the uterine wall during the period of pregnancy, and its consumption has been of much importance to traditional people in their culture as well as in the present time. Basically, It is used as a cellular therapy because it contains vitamins, antibodies, minerals, productive growth factors, and some nourishing nutrients required in rejuvenating the cells and their renewal.


Chinese prescribe the placenta as their traditional medicine to women who have been in prolonged labor during childbirth to help them in regaining strength. In Italy, the placenta is given to breastfeeding mothers to enhance breast milk while in India, it is used to heal the wounds swiftly.


The use of deer and sheep placenta in treatment is gaining popularity in the East where by, when celebrities, athletics, entrepreneurs, and politicians get wounds , they turn to placenta treatment rather than consulting medical practitioners, and they recover very fast unlike when they alliance with medical doctors. This cements the reputation of placenta treatment and its ability to heal and rejuvenate quickly.


Apart from the essential natural elements found in a capsule, the reason for choosing the deer placenta is that it’s a Purtier Placenta.


A Purtier Placenta is definitely a live stem placenta cell therapy with a deer placenta extract plus eleven natural and extraordinary ingredients. A capsule of Purtier Placenta is an excellent health supplement for anti-aging and a fit living in the world today.




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